Executive Search

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As an important addition to BenchStrength International’s consultancy service offering, and in no small measure as a direct result of customer requests, BenchStrength International provides Executive Search & Selection. BSI assists clients in the international Insurance and Reinsurance markets recruit critical Business and Technology specialists.

Increasing pressures on recruitment budgets are encouraging innovation in the recruitment sector and companies are looking to develop new approaches to the challenge of finding and retaining the most talented staff. BenchStrength International’s expertise and experience makes us ideally suited to place and procure the right personnel for the right position.

Our customers trust and depend upon our ‘industry leading’ service delivery that provides unparalleled assignment completion. BSI’s proven ability and deep understanding of the global insurance markets ensures success. We offer international coverage from our wide network of operations across the world.

Our specialization within the Insurance and reinsurance markets provides BenchStrength with a unique focus that produces superior results. We have the ability to channel our resources into networking for a very specific skill set, tailored to the established needs of our clients.

BSI truly understands the demands of the international market place coupled with real insight concerning the intricacies of individual territories. Our experience as a consultancy, both individually and collectively, enables us to provide efficiencies and effectiveness for our customers’ business objectives through strategic recruitment.

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